Giusepe Scapinelli, 1950s


W: 64 / D: 72 
H: 98


Jacaranda wood with suede upholstery


1950′s Jacaranda occasional chair with suede upholstery, designed by Giusepe Scapinelli.

From the Modernism generation, Scapinelli ran a furniture shop in Sao Paulo in the 1950′s, from which he sold his own designs. He is among the greatest designers of Brazilian Modern Design in 1950′s. His pieces have been shown in countries like USA and Italy.

“Timeless classics, whose formal language has a touch of the exotic and whose workmanship is part of a tradition of outstanding handcraft: Brazilian design lends the less tropical, more northerly interior an exciting, stylish warmth.” (from the article Tropical Modernism: The Masters of Brazilian Modernism).

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