W: Chair: 78 Stool: 80 / D: Chair: 86 Stool: 50 
H: Chair: 72 Stool: 40



Wood and natural leather



“Poltrona Mole” was designed by Sergio Rodrigues in 1957.

This extremely cozy armchair and foot stool have a natural leather seat and back supported by leather straps on a solid wood frame.

From a family of prominent Brazilian artists and intellectuals in Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Rodrigues took the passion for art and culture that surrounded him and shaped it into a carrer as one the Brazil’s most influential designers. The roots os Rodrigues’ work lie in his use of traditional raw materials such as jacaranda, peroba and imbuia to create icons of Brazilian taste, value and identity.

At the end of forties he, while still in the School of Architecture in Rio, perceived that Brazilian architecture was experiencing a moment of major significance. Just graduated he discovered that the interior of houses and buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer, Lucio Costa and their colleagues did not meet the expectations of the constructions innovative spirit. “They used Colonial style furniture or imported pieces. Furniture was lacking the same national identity achieved in architecture” he recounts.

The proximity of his creation with icons of Brazilian culture and the nonchalance towards fashion fads were the factors that prevailed upon the decision of the jury at the 4th International Bienal of the Furniture in Cantu (Italy) in 1961 to award the 1st place to his “Poltrona Mole” and of its inclusion in the permanent collection of the MoMa NY.

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