W: 253 / D: 180 
H: 103



Pequi wood



Tafui by Hugo França. This amazingly unique piece is carved from a single piece of solid Pequi wood ethically salvaged from the forests of Bahia

The principal motivation behind Hugo França’s work is to give a noble and discarded material a second chance. The production of his pieces does not correspond to a straight line with a final objective. His concept is cyclical because he believes in the creative transformation of the object’s usefulness. This is, after all, how nature functions.

The pieces created by the designer are a consequence of his preoccupation with the possibilities offered by the raw material: old growth trees cut down by the irresponsible acts of human beings.

It all starts and ends with the tree. It is his initial inspiration along with its forms, holes, cracks, burn marks and the action of time that is incorporated into the final solution. His intention is not to produce functional objects, but to return the tree back into man’s universe in a harmonic way.

Hugo França’s work aligns itself with environmental concerns and artistic sensibilities. Nature presents its forms and he interprets them. This creative dialogue leads to an artisanal and sensitive intervention that gives birth to one-of-a-kind pieces.

Hugo never cuts down trees for his any of his work.

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