W: 40 / D: 40 
H: 45


Eucalyptus wood


Trapezio solid Eucalyptus wood stool on casters by Pedro Petry.

Pedro Petry is an artist and designer, under graduated in Administration, and is a specialist in wood turning. Owns his own factory located in Itu, State of Sao Paulo and the beauty of his objects and furniture represent an example of care with nature and its sources.

from sustainably developed forests Pedro Petry has developed research for the utilization of alternative species, in order to ease the pressure on those species traditionally used, some of them, in fact, on the brink of extinction. Objects and furniture are therefore made instead with residues, with the aim of making concepts and standards more adaptable, thereby establishing a new parameter for the use of natural resources.

Under the investigative eye of this eco-designer, pieces that are usually only seen fit to use as firewood become beautiful objects of art. The peculiarity of each piece inspires its function and design. his work goes beyond just creativity; he is driven by strong principles and a love for his country and its natural resources. he aims to decorate homes with a multiple of different textures, colours and aromas, leaving out the smells of ecological disequilibrium.

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