modern style yurt

Modern style yurts have become popular as they’re perfect for those who want a cozy home with a lot of natural light and space. These tiny homes feature circular floor plans and spacious bathrooms, as well as a dome skylight for bright natural light throughout the space.

Modern yurts are also more affordable than traditional styles because of their lighter construction, which allows for greater energy efficiency and better insulation. The cover is often made of waterproof vinyl or canvas and backed with felt or foil insulation, which helps keep the weather out.

These covers typically have an R3 or 5 rating and are more durable than the traditional wool cover used in most Mongolian yurts. They’re also much more resistant to insects and critters.

Another benefit of the modern style is that they can be easily adapted to meet the needs of different families. They can be divided into separate private spaces or incorporated into a larger, more open plan.

A family of five can live in this space and have ample room for everyone, without the need for a large garage or extra storage. They have a full kitchen and bathroom inside, along with all the standard amenities, including a wood burning stove and a lofted bedroom.

The interior design is modern but still retains the look of a yurt, with wood walls and lattice panels. The light wood tones and neutral colors create a cozy atmosphere. The yurt even features a claw foot tub, which is a great option for those who love the idea of a spa-like experience.

This modern yurt was built in Portland, Oregon by Zach Both and Nicole Lopez. They took a little over a year to build their yurt and have since moved in. They were able to build the home using a lot of help from friends and family, so the total cost of their yurt was around $65,000.

Their yurt is a unique and beautiful little oasis outside of downtown Portland, with a lot of attention paid to the interior. There’s a luxurious bathroom that features a claw foot tub and a private bedroom above the cube. The loft has a massive skylight and real greenery like pothos, philodendrons, and prayer plants surrounding the bed.

They also used track lighting over the kitchen and loft face for added illumination and a cozy night’s sleep. There’s also a small deck on the side, which is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the view of their property.

The yurt’s exterior is a bit more traditional, but the interior is modernized with a wood finish and marble countertops. The white lattice panels and roof supports blend with the rest of the home’s decor and a wood stove makes for comfortable nights at home.

Modern yurts are a great way to live in a cozy, rustic environment while also getting a high-quality home that’s more affordable than traditional structures. These tiny houses are also easy to construct and can be customized with a wide range of features and amenities.

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