Add a hint of grandeur to your home decor with a gold lamp. Whether you need an accent lamp for a console table in your entryway or a task lamp for your desk, you’ll find gold lamps at west elm that complement your style and coordinate with other metallic pieces in the room, like door knobs and faucets.

Gold lamps are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, making them versatile enough to work well in almost any space. For example, a Huslu metal and glass task lamp with a drum shade features a modern style that pairs well with both contemporary and transitional home decor. Its rounded base and tapered shade is topped with an elegant finial, further adding to its refined silhouette. Alternatively, a modern gold table lamp with a geometric faced base and a round white faux silk fabric shade offers a sculptural look that’s ideal for midcentury or modern luxe decor.

The shade material and color also helps determine the amount of light the fixture emits. Choose a soft translucent shade for an ambient glow, or opt for a darker opaque shade for a more focused reading light. There are also LED task lamps that use bright LED lights to illuminate your workspace with a focused light output, making them an excellent choice for a computer desk or reading nook. Some of these lamps even have a built-in USB charging hub to keep your devices charged while you work.

A gold decorative lamp is a great accent piece for the living room, dining room or bedroom. Its golden finish blends well with most contemporary furniture finishes and is easy to coordinate with other metallic pieces, such as brass door hardware or a bronze chandelier. It can also be paired with black fixtures, creating a popular black and gold design scheme. If you need more than a single gold lamp, consider a set of two to place on either side of your bed or sofa.

Besides table lamps, there are also floor and ceiling lamps that use the same finish for a cohesive lighting scheme. If you already have a few gold lamp styles in the room, you can complete the look with matching wall sconces or pendants. Then, tie your room together with other metallic accents, such as a gold curtain rod or artwork in metal frames.

A gold lamp is the perfect way to enhance the sophistication of a room. Its timeless metallic finish pairs nicely with a variety of other furniture and accents, from natural wood to patterned fabrics. Choose a lamp with a translucent or opaque shade to get the right amount of light for your room, then add other metallic touches to bring out its luster.

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