modern style house 3d models

Modern style houses are known to have state-of-the-art furniture and appliances. Some even come designed with swimming pools and beautiful landscapes. In addition, these modern buildings also have a spacious garage that can be used to accommodate vehicles.

These types of houses can be a huge asset for a variety of scenes and 3d design projects. They are a great way to set the stage for your project and make it more memorable. However, it is important to choose the right type of building that suits your needs.

Here are the best modern style house 3d models for your creative project:

1. Harwood House
This is a four-story farmhouse that is a perfect choice for a wide range of projects. It features a lovely garage, dining room, lounge and an en-suite bathroom. It also has a sky parlor that makes it ideal for relaxing in the evening.

2. Penthouse

Often called luxury apartments, penthouses have many features that aren’t found in any other kind of home. Some of these features include an outdoor swimming pool, beautiful landscaping and a spacious garage that can hold a few cars.

3. Vacation House

This is another luxury home that is a must-have for any family. It comes with three luxurious bedrooms, each of which has been stylized with contemporary props. It’s a perfect asset for a vacation scene and can be paired with an Upper Class SUV 3d model for the ultimate effect.

4. Tesla Abandoned House

This 3d model can be a great fit for a horror or thriller scene. It doesn’t have all the luxury features that the ones on this list have, but it still has a lot of useful props for you to use in different scenes. The living room and the bedrooms are quite spacious and can accommodate a number of characters.

5. Coohom Video Templates

If you are looking for an easy way to create a 3d video, then you will love this brand new collection by Coohom! These video templates are extremely easy to use and they will help you create amazing renderings. You can even add your own effects to them and customize them for your project.

6. Hum3D

This site has been created to help 3D artists from over 80 countries save time on their 3d modeling work. It has over a thousand high-quality 3d models that are ready to use in real life projects. The collection is constantly updated and includes Vray materials, cad blocks, 2d and 3d texture collections for free to download without registration.

The collection of high-quality 3d models is curated by experts to give you an array of choices for your project. The models are available in various file formats for popular 3D modeling software like Sketchup, Blender and Maya.

Every product in the curated collection is professionally picked and has been carefully matched into a ready-to-use arrangement. The products are organized by theme and grouped by their unique qualities.

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