Free interior design software with a huge catalog of furniture

Unlike some home decorator apps that limit their options to generic sofas, beds and cabinets, roomstyler is packed full of options. From tables to beds and everything in between, you’ll find every type of furniture imaginable in its catalogue. This means you’ll be able to design your dream home with ease.

In addition to its huge catalog, roomstyler also lets you see your designs in 3D, and use a virtual camera to view the rooms from any angle. It’s a great feature that can make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring your design is accurate. It’s a real bonus that you can choose from different camera angles too — zoom for tight shots, normal for standard views and wide to cover large areas – and play around with lighting settings too.

The interface is incredibly simple. Clicking on any element will turn it blue and dragging will allow you to alter its dimensions. If you want to add a window for instance, you can simply drag and drop one from the sidebar which contains options for doors, windows, architectural features and garden items (for outdoor planning). It’s even possible to select walls by dragging their corners so you can split them into sections.

Once you have your room shape selected, it’s time to start adding furniture. Again, the options are huge with a selection of sofas, beds and chairs divided into categories to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. There’s even a category for ‘fun stuff’ which includes unicorns, chickens and dinosaurs as well as a few more generic types to add to the mix. The program allows you to work in either imperial or metric measurements and there are undo and redo buttons to make fixing mistakes as painless as possible.

Another excellent feature of the program is the ability to change the texture of each object. There are a good number of materials available, although it would be nice to have more options for carpets and paint colors. Currently you can choose from 136 carpet styles, 162 wood floorings and 291 wallpaper options. The paint colors are displayed as a series of color swatches, and while the program will tell you the name of each option there’s no indication which particular paint company each shade comes from so it can be tricky to match existing colors.

Using roomstyler is a breeze, and the ability to save and share designs is an added bonus. However, the program can be a little sluggish and isn’t the best choice for those with computers that don’t have much processing power. There are also a few minor bugs in the program that can cause issues. Sometimes the program will freeze or become unresponsive, and there are times when tools disappear from the workspace. Despite these problems, roomstyler is an impressive and free program that can help you create some truly amazing spaces.

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